Celebrating contemporary Australian art and artful Italian design.

Art – Design – Arflex is a curation of our favourite works by contemporary Australian artists and Arflex products. 

Curated by Dana Tomic Hughes of Yellowtrace, the campaign celebrates the emotive nature of Arflex's iconic and contemporary pieces and the works of some of Australia's most exiting artistic talents. 

“The concept was about exploring the complementary, yet opposing nature of these uniquely Australian subjects, with the boundary-pushing furniture designs that Arflex is internationally known for”

– Dana Tomic Hughes.

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Our creative collaborators.

The artists.

Be inspired by the Australian artistic talents who worked with us on the collaboration.

Anna-Wili Highfield

Sean Meilak

Daniel Shipp

Simon Davidson

Anna-Wili Highfield’s works explore the organic qualities and resistance of materials, generating a tension between the complex realism of form and the limitations and economy of the materials used. Her aim is to engineer a moment of contact with nature in a way that emphasises both the startling differences and similarities of human and animal forms and consciousness.


Sean Meilak’s work has a way of incorporating and transfiguring familiar visual references and echoes — from antiquity to Surrealism to the Memphis group — into works that quietly hint at something less obvious or known. The geometric and architectural forms and the palette he’s recently been drawn to reflect his broad range of interests in architecture, art, and design.


Daniel Shipp’s series ‘Botanical Inquiry’ is a rich, poignant celebration of the overlooked plants and flowers growing in the cracks of our modern world. Using unassuming flora collected from suburban streets, Shipp shoots his botanic subjects in built dioramas, manipulating the optical and staging properties of photography to create fictional yet hauntingly familiar environments. 


Simon Davidson has become recognised as one of Australia’s leading photographers. While his work is recognised internationally across a broad spectrum of genres, his primary love is photographing cars, especially muscle and custom car culture. Simon understands cars in a way that few others do; he appreciates their form as pure representations of an aesthetic impulse that elevates their power and speed to a level of personal expression.


The curator.

Recognised as one of the most influential voices in Australian interior design, Dana Tomic Hughes of design publication Yellowtrace applied her creative curation to the Art – Design – Arflex project. A self-confessed design obsessive, Dana brings a fresh and uniquely Australian sensibility to her design reportage and interior design. 

She conceptualised and curated the Arflex Art Design campaign, bringing together the artful designs of Italian brand Arflex, with the fresh and innovative works of these four uniquely Australian artists.

Featuring 'The Monkey' by Anna-Wili Highfield

And the following icons from the Arflex range.

Ponti Writing Desk

by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Neptunia chair

by B.B.P.R.

Elettra Armchair

by B.B.P.R.

Cradle Sofa

by Neri&Hu

Featuring 'Botanical Inquiry #12: Southern Remedial Exclusion' by Daniel Shipp

And the following icons from the Arflex range.

Featuring 'LITMUP' by Simon Davidson

And the following icons from the Arflex range.

Simon Davidson talks

Go behind-the-scenes of the campaign.

Featuring 'The Marriage' by Sean Meilak

And the following icons from the Arflex range.

The events


VIP Launch - Wednesday 13th February.


VIP Launch - Wednesday 27th February, 6.30pm

Poliform showroom, Richmond.

Exhibtion continues until 24th March 2019 as part of Melbourne Design Week

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